Wildlife-friendly Wedding Guide


Less stuff. Ask for experiences instead of things. There are all kinds of platforms where guests can gift a dinner date or a cool activity for you to do on your honeymoon. If you do ask for physical gifts, make sure they are things you really will use. You don’t really need that fondue set, right?

Here are some resources to send your guests to for a more wildlife-friendly registry:

  • SoKind registry is a registry and wishlist service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, secondhand goods, experiences, time, day-of-event help and more.
  • HoneyFund allows you to register for honeymoon necessities like meals, activities, even something as basic as a car rental.
  • The Good Beginning registry is an online registry for donating to charitable causes throughout the world.
  • The Knot Gifts Back donates up to 3 percent to the charity of your choice for each qualified gift purchased off your registry on The Knot at no extra cost to you or your guests.

Donations. Encourage guests to donate directly to the causes you care about most by providing a list of charities you support or starting a fundraiser for your favorite organization. Depending on the organization and the timing, the organization may be able to help facilitate online gifts by setting up a dedicated landing page.

Photographed by Paul Ingram
"As the proud parents of a rescue pit bull (who also happened to be our ring-bearer) and as people who already had more stuff than we knew what to do with, my fiancée and I wanted to offer our wedding guests an option to make a donation to a cause that mattered to us in lieu of going out and buying us a gift. We chose Smiling Dog Pit Bull Rescue because our pit bull, Kaya, brought so much love and enjoyment into our lives that we wanted to support a group that helps people make that same type of connection and give loving homes to great dogs."


Unwrapped. If you do choose to register for items that you truly need, request that guests give you unwrapped gifts to cut down on unnecessary paper waste.

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Photo Credits (top to bottom): Paul Ingram.