Wildlife-friendly Wedding Guide

Photographed by Claire Seizovic

Vintage. Same deal as the dress: To save on raw materials, go antique or vintage if you can. Vintage rings come in many unique styles, so you can really find something one-of-a-kind that reflects your personality.

Ethical and sustainable. Work with a jeweler who sources their materials in an ethically and sustainably-conscious way. This means purchasing from suppliers whose mines maintain safe worker conditions and minimize environmental degradation.

Recycle. Seek out designers who use recycled material to create their jewelry. Some jewelers may even let you supply the material. Maybe you or your relatives have some jewelry that is outdated or they just don’t wear anymore. Ask your jeweler if the stones and/or metals can be repurposed for your ring, and you’ll have a family heirloom with your own twist.

“My husband's ring was made with recycled gold from a piece of family jewelry no one was using, and I bought mine made with recycled gold from Etsy.”


Get inked. Pass on traditional rings all together, and get tattoos instead. You’ll never have to worry about losing them, they’re probably cheaper than traditional rings and you get to design them yourself.

Photographed by Justin Buettner.
“We used no conflict diamonds or mined metals for our rings, instead getting tattooed rings with vegan ink representing the red string of fate soulmate mythology.”


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Photo Credits (top to bottom): Claire Seizovic, Justin Buettner.