Wildlife-friendly Wedding Guide

Photographed by Justin Buettner

Use the good china. Use washable dishware rather than having disposable plates and utensils that will go to a landfill.

“I collected dishes from Goodwill [and other] second hand stores leading up to the day to cut down on trash. I bought a large silverware set from someone who had used it for their wedding. Then I gave it to our caterer to keep since she didn’t have one. We passed the set of plates on to another couple getting married, and I think they’ve been used for a few other weddings since.”


Be plastic free. Ask your caterer and bartender not to use any single-use plastics like straws, single-serve creamers for coffee, bottled water or plastic cups. Avoid plastic-wrapped party favors, too.

Photographed by Sarah Baillie

Reuse. If disposable plastic cups are unavoidable, leave out a couple permanent markers and a sign requesting guests to write their name on their cups so they can reuse them throughout the reception.

Recycle. Check with your venue and make sure they have recycling receptacles for any aluminum or glass containers.

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Photo Credits (top to bottom): Justin Buettner, Sarah Baillie.