Pillow Talk: Exploring the Effects of Human Population Growth on Endangered Species and the Environment.

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Bringing Population Back Into the Conversation

Pillow Talk is an engaging program with museums, science centers and zoos that gets visitors thinking about how to protect wildlife and the environment in a unique way: with condoms.

Once the Endangered Species Condoms’ colorful packaging and punny messages pique visitors’ interest, they’ll have the chance to learn more about how their everyday actions, consumption and family size affect the planet.

Valentine's Day 2019 at The Nat courtesy of SDNHM

Through fun, interactive activities , this program illustrates the impacts of different choices and how they compare so that visitors are more aware of what they can do in their lives to combat climate change and help endangered species. Our free Endangered Species Condoms give visitors a tangible take-home message.

Why Museums, Science Centers and Zoos?

Visitors to museums, science centers and zoos have already shown an interest in the environment and science-based evidence, and are looking for ways to connect the experience of their visit with lasting change. And the planet needs them to act today: Human population is growing at an alarming rate, and American consumption outpaces every other nation’s on a per capita basis. Pillow Talk and the Endangered Species Condoms are an exciting opportunity for visitors to learn about their carbon footprint in a new way — and for institutions to spice up 21+ events and other exhibits and events geared toward adults.

Valentine's Day 2019 at The Nat courtesy of Arnie Schoenberg

Human population growth is at the root of our most pressing environmental problems, yet it’s often left out of the conversation. We can fight to curb climate change, stop habitat loss and clean up pollution, but if we don’t address our unsustainable population and overconsumption, it’ll stay an uphill battle that we can’t win. The first step to solving a problem is getting people to talk about it.

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