Pillow Talk Is Perfect for…

“The Endangered Species Condoms proved a strong attraction for our guests and a wonderfully playful gateway into connecting the dots between human behavior and its larger consequences on the environment. The mission of increasing awareness of our impact on the globe – from climate change to infringing on natural habitats – can and should be a part of our daily consciousness.”
     - Adrian Orozco, Membership & Marketing Associate, Mexic-Arte Museum

Science Centers:
“The Endangered Species Condoms project demonstrates how two topics, which can sometimes be taboo, are tied together. We’re here together with these endangered species and if we don’t think about the whole picture, they may not be around for long.”
     - Adam Piazza, Adult Programs Specialist, The Franklin Institute Science Museum

“The Endangered Species Condoms provided by the Center for Biological Diversity are a fun and unique way to bring attention to human impacts on our environment, all the way from small daily tasks, to procreation. These condoms are a take-home reminder of how each of the choices we make can affect not just endangered species, but all species, including ours.”
     - Stephanie Hartman, Education Director, Alaska Zoo

… and other extracurricular educational institutions.